The Dadchelor: Less Baby Shower More Party Power

Some may say that since the ladies are ramping up their own bachelorette party invitations as never before, then why can’t the men pull some attitude during their tux fitting? Thus was born our blog about the Groomzilla. A similar trend, that of the recently coined “Dadchelor” party for a guy soon to become a Dad, has also gotten our attention.

Dadchelor Parties for Dads to Be on ABC news

This recent feature story on ABC news (above) about “Dadchelor” parties got got me wondering: is getting married or having kids got today’s men plunging into traditionally female attitudes and events? Groomzilla? Man showers? Dadchelor parties? What is going on with men these days?

Let’s take a look at the Dadchelor. Like the manshowers we blogged about, these are more parties than showers. They are planned by or for men expecting to become fathers. On the surface, and to their expecting wives and girlfriends especially, these affairs may just seem like a silly excuse to party. But after watching the clip on ABC news, trying very hard with withhold judgment and keep my eye-rolling to a minimum, I saw the silver lining.

It came at the tail end of the clip, as the plush camper is dropping off the guys after a night of gambling, drinking and carousing. It was the tired, worn expression of the sober dad-to-be, the nurturing way he told his buddies to get home safe. Wait, could it be? Yes, it was the ultimate fatherly look of resignation–using that last bit of energy to take care of others.

I do believe that for some, the Dadchelor serves a real purpose for first time “expecting” fathers, particularly if they are younger with close guy pals who may not be in quite the same phase of life. The Dadchelor party creates a social transition for these guys who (for the most part) are ready to enter into new responsibilities (with new limitations as well). It’s a formal yet fun way for the dad-to-be and his buddies to go through this change together.

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