Wedding Planning of the International Bride

Are you engaged and want to take a break from thinking about reception sites, wedding invitations, and bridal gowns for a short while? As you plan your own special day, it’s fun to pause and learn about some of the traditions adopted by international brides. [Source: You & Your Wedding magazine, July/Aug 2011.]

China: A table or altar is decorated with an abundance of white flowers to remember lost loves ones and allow them to be at the wedding in spirit.

wedding invitationsIreland: Irish brides traditionally add lavender, a known stress-reliever, to their bouquets.

Peru: Charms attached to ribbons are inserted into the wedding cake layers. Single women each pull on a ribbon and the one who pulls out the ring will be the next to marry.

Switzerland: Swiss brides traditionally wear a wreath made of flowers, fruits and leaves to symbolize innocence and purity.

Uganda: The bride isn’t supposed to participate in any wedding preparations during the 10 days before her marriage. During this time the elders bless the bride and give her away to the groom.

wedding invitationsItaly: A staple at most Italian weddings is the decadent dessert buffet that features a wide variety of tarts, pastries, fruits and coffee.

Norway: Norwegian brides wear crowns decorated with gems and charms, it is believed that the clinking of the charms will ward off dark spirits.

If your heritage is from one of the countries above, consider incorporating its traditions into your own celebration for a special meaningful touch. Otherwise, it’s time to resume your wedding research and planning – the sites, blogs and stores await. Good luck!

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