Why Spend on Birth Announcements?

One of the first orders of business once we’re settled with our new baby at home is to send a widely anticipated photo birth announcement to friends and family. Birth announcements have become an expected rite of passage for new parents. We’ve offered some tips and tricks for capturing that perfect baby photo for your announcements, but why bother spending the money?

For starters, birth announcements fulfill several goals, including:

  • Announcing your baby’s arrival to family and friends living far away. Even if they already knew of your pregnancy, everybody loves to put a face with a name!
  • It is all about the name. Identifying your baby’s formal, full name clears up Question No. 2 (Question No. 1 always being, Girl or Boy?). Everybody likes to weigh in on the name, privately or not!
  • Adding stats to the team roster, like weight, length and time of birth.

But….just what are you willing to shell out for what seems like yet another, perhaps frivolous, albeit expected, new baby expense?

A lot of your answer depends on the length of your mailing list, and therefore, on your budget. In few short weeks you feel the dollar drain: diapers, wipes, creams and lotions, baby formula, burp cloths, bibs, growing onesies, bottles, should we stop? If you’re lucky, you received many big-expense items at your baby shower. But day-to-day essentials chip away your monthly budget.

So now comes the 25, 50, 75+ announcement cards you want to mail! (And add 49 cents per card!) Let’s justify this expense with some perspective. (TIP: jot these down. You may need this for a later dinner-table discussion):

  • Your baby is only born once
  • Birth announcements are your gift to your baby, introducing him or her to your world
  • A beautifully printed birth announcement is a keepsake, likely either framed or in his or her baby book.
  • What do you spend on Christmas cards year after year?

That said, it is ultimately up to you how to approach the world of baby announcements. At LookLoveSend, birth announcements are all original, artistically inspired designs that beautifully frame your baby’s photo or multiple photos. All announcements are printed on luxuriously weighted and textured papers, with custom envelop linings. The resulting product is a high-caliber, classy statement of your pride and joy. You may find cheaper solutions elsewhere, but your satisfaction will be guaranteed with a birth announcement from LookLoveSend.com.

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