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Create Christmas Cards Online

Create Christmas Cards OnlineWhy create Christmas cards online? For the sake of convenience, speed and the opportunity to send a truly beautiful and meaningful holiday greeting to family and friends. Nothing beats the convenience of shopping at home, particularly when dealing with the limited parking spaces, crowds and cashier lines of the holiday season. Buying Christmas cards online allows you to browse a broad selection of fantastic designs and easily personalize them within a matter of minutes instead of hours. At LookLoveSend, all orders ship the next business day and superior service and customer satisfaction are always guaranteed.

Create Christmas Cards Online to Mail

The great personal sentiment of a Christmas card is at risk in this age of the electronically sent e-card. Personalized Christmas cards that the recipient can touch, hold, and display always bring a stronger emotional response than e-cards. A card printed on paper will also be enjoyed by more people, and the touch and feel of a printed card is far more engaging than simply viewing the card on a computer screen or smartphone. It is easy to create Christmas cards online at, yet the resulting paper card shows the recipient that you took the time to choose, personalize, buy and mail your greeting rather than sending a generic e-card. Choose from a collection of fresh holiday designs ranging from traditional and serene to modern and chic. Text on all cards can be easily customized and many cards allow the addition of one or more photos for further personalization. Many of our cards also offer a coordinating background design on the reverse side of the card to add beautiful color and interest to your card’s backing.

As people spend more hours on websites, checking smartphones, and conducting business transactions online, make sure your Christmas card stands out by sending a high quality card by traditional mail. Shop to create Christmas cards online with convenience and speed with a stylish and fresh end product.

Make Holiday Cards

Make Holiday CardsEven with the best of intentions, there will be years we can’t make holiday cards that will get into the mail on time. Maybe it’s because we didn’t get a holiday family photo we liked or maybe it was the bustle of the season. What is that cut-off date for making holiday cards, and at what point should we admit that it’s simply too late? Conventional wisdom suggests that if you can get your cards in the mail, post-marked no later than the 24th, go for that “grace period.” Many on your holiday card list will be away and traveling, and expect to receive some straggling holiday cards upon returning home.

What to Do If You Can’t Make Holiday Cards on Your Own

The other option is to consider sending New Year’s cards. These make holiday cards perfectly acceptable to receive late in the game, especially when you include the usual family news updates, a photo of the family or special occasion that happened during the year, or even a gift card for relatives with whom you did not get to celebrate.

More people than ever before are making a conscious decision to make holiday cards stand out simply by sending a card that celebrates the year to come. Moreover, it takes the pressure off–some of these cards don’t even arrive until well into the first or second week of January. This gives you time to use a photo from the holiday season, which can be more readily available when everyone is together anyway than contriving a family photo at other times of the year.

You can make holiday cards at LookLoveSend that go out after the holidays as personalized as regular custom holiday cards with all the same bells and whistles. Choose from a variety of designs for your personal photos and text, choose from flat or folded cards, paper type, card backers and more. When you order 50 or more domestic ground shipping is free.


Customized Christmas Cards

Customized Christmas CardsBetween the mad rush of holiday planning, shopping and entertaining, the need to buy and send customized Christmas cards often sneaks up on us and causes added stress during the busy holiday season.  But this doesn’t have to be the case.  Shop the fresh collection of Christmas cards at to find a diverse set of designs from vintage or traditional to playful and bright.  And the best part is that all cards can be easily customized in minutes and orders will always ship the next business day.  Just perfect for that mad December rush!

Easily Customized Christmas Cards

The process to select and order your customized Christmas cards through LookLoveSend is easy.  If you choose to send a photo card, we recommend that you first select your photos.  There is no limit to the kinds of photos you can use: a family portrait, photos of your children, a snapshot from a recent vacation or adventure, or a funny candid of your family and pets.  After picking one or several photos, browse the many different card designs and layout options to find a style that complements your pictures.

Upload your photos and then perform additional customization to zoom in, reposition your image or apply black and white or sepia coloring if you wish.  You may wish to choose a folded card instead of a flat card in order to include additional images on the inside. Or you can use the extra space to write a longer note with news about the family you want to share. Several clicks later you are ready to proof and submit your customized Christmas card order for next business day shipment.

Customized Christmas cards with a family photo are always the favorite cards on any holiday mantle.  This holiday season, shop LookLoveSend to find a beautifully designed card to personalize quickly and easily, allowing you more time to enjoy that holiday planning, shopping and entertaining.

Christmas Cards With Photos

Christmas Cards With PhotosEveryone loves to send Christmas cards with photos, especially families with growing children, busy lives, and a long Christmas card list.  Online stationer offers a broad collection of Christmas cards with designs that are diverse, original and fresh. But before jumping right to the card design phase, take a moment to reflect on the past year and the sentiment that you want to send to your family and friends.

Pick the Tone of your Holiday Greeting

The holidays are a great time to reflect on events of the past year.  Did you get married?  Have a baby? Change schools?  Go on a memorable family trip?  Think through the top three events of your year and what they meant to you and your family.  Considering the tone of these main family events will help to guide your holiday message and card design selection – whether it’s a quirky scene of elves and snowmen or the elegant backdrop of swirling snowflakes.

Choose the Right Christmas Cards with Photos

After picking a tone and style for your card, dig into your family’s stockpile of digital photos to find the perfect match between photo and card.  Vacation photos, sporting action shots and fun candids of the kids will portray the essence of a full and active family lifestyle.  Landscapes, nature-shots and even still-lifes can be both meaningful and beautiful. And if you can’t find any photos that fit the bill, consider taking a few new shots for your Christmas cards with photos. Kids and pets are easily bribed with a well-timed holiday cookie.

Putting personalized Christmas cards with photos together online is easy and fast at LookLoveSend. After selecting your chosen card design, simply upload your photos and edit them for perfect image placement, size adjustment and color tone.  Simple text personalization is next.  And with all Christmas cards being offered in a flat or folded option, this is the chance to share a longer holiday greeting in the inside of any folded card.  After a final check, click to submit your order for shipment the next business day with guaranteed satisfaction to you.

Cheap Graduation Announcements

Cheap Graduation AnnouncementsWhether you have several children close in age, a huge guest list, or simply a need to minimize the party budget, planning a low-cost graduation party is easier than you think.  Here are some tips on how to create a manageable guest list, find cheap graduation announcements, and provide great snacks without breaking the bank.

Create a manageable guest list

While your daughter may want to invite all her friends and team-mates, you may not want to invite every teen in town for cost savings reasons.  Most graduation parties occur on the same weekend as the actual graduation and this can mean a lot of parties on the same day!  Inevitably some guests will have overlapping invitations so this may easily help trim your guest list.  Another option to consider is hosting a joint party for graduates with many of the same friends – this offers great opportunity for a larger party and cost-sharing among two hosting families.

Find cheap graduation announcements

It may seem easier to print color copies on your home computer or send an emailed invitation, but the fantastic designs and superior quality of the cheap graduation announcements available at will truly set your invitations apart.  All designs can be easily customized and many allow the addition of a personal photo via simple upload functionality.  If you decide to hold a joint graduation party, use a photo of the two graduating friends for graduation invitations that will be as memorable as the event itself.  Considering the quality and uniqueness of our designs you will be amazed at our selection of cheap graduation announcements.

Great snacks that won’t break the bank

The easiest way to serve your guests is with a buffet.  Remember that not everyone will eat everything so offer a wide variety of simple party foods that require minimal preparation.  Most grocery stores and bulk retailers offer pre-assembled party platters, appetizers or family-style entrees during peak graduation party season, so take advantage of this variety and associated savings.


Holiday Photo Greeting Cards

Holiday Photo Greeting CardsThe vast majority of holiday cards we receive today are personalized holiday photo greeting cards, typically featuring a photo and custom message printed on the card. Somewhat surprisingly, the best cards are not always the ones with the best quality photo, but rather the cards whose photo and design complement one another.

Designs for Holiday Photo Greeting Cards

The best way to shop for your holiday photo greeting cards can be approached in two ways. You can either let a favorite personal photo lead you to a card design, or you can search for a card design that you love. LookLoveSend has a tremendous collection of holiday card designs that work for a single photo or multiple photos. They come in all kinds of layouts–portrait, landscape, square, circular, etc.

The designs available through LookLoveSend give you an endless array of options to choose from. Look for designs that reflect your personality and think about the message you’d like to send to friends and family.  From zany to contemplative, you’ll find many design styles. Best of all, no matter what direction you decide to take, your message and photo will give you personalized holiday cards that are wholly unique.

Photos for Holiday Photo Greeting Cards

First, dig into your family’s stockpile of digital photos. Look for pictures of the big milestones or special events from the past year. Or, find a favorite photo of your kids from summer vacation. If you can’t settle on just one, many of LookLoveSend designs allow for up to six photos. Also, you can customize your photo online to zoom in or out of the image, or apply a different color treatment.

If you’re in love with a particular design and don’t seem to have the right photo already, consider taking some pictures and upload them to see what they look like in your selected card design.  Don’t be afraid to venture away from the usual kid-shots either. A beautiful picture of a favorite outdoor scene, a new home, or your pets can make your holiday photo greeting cards stand out.



Online Holiday Cards

Online Holiday CardsThe number of sources for buying online holiday cards only continues to grow, making your seasonal online shopping experience both easier and more cumbersome at the same time. But while many sources claim to offer the latest styles, sometimes trendy isn’t what you’re looking for. When it comes to the tradition of purchasing custom holiday cards, it’s important to stick to something that reflects your personal tastes rather than follow a particular style trend set by someone else. In other words, be true to yourself!

Your Source for Oodles of Styles in Online Holiday Cards

You won’t find a more diverse selection of styles than the online holiday cards offered through LookLoveSend. Whether you want to include a personal photo or rather just send an inspiring holiday design to friends and family, LookLoveSend has hundreds of beautiful designs created by artists from around the country. This diverse group of talent brings a mix of perspectives on the holidays to create a single showcase where you can easily shop for your personal favorite.

From traditional color schemes to more contemporary uses of classic holiday colors, many of LookLoveSend’s designs are available in several color palettes from which you can choose. You’ll find interesting uses of holiday-inspired imagery and patterns in unique color combinations, such as snowflakes, holly, ribbons, candy and packages. Bold, modern interpretations of holiday themes are everywhere, as well as understated applications that inspire the romance of the season too.

To help you cull through our selection of online holiday cards, think about your taste in colors, images and whether you want a more classic, traditional look or something more modern or even whimsical. You will not be disappointed with the selection of styles LookLoveSend offers, and you will be delighted over our print quality and premium heavy weight paper stock used for all cards and coordinating envelopes. Our quality is unmistakeable when you hold a LookLoveSend holiday card in hand and will delight everyone on your holiday card list.


Unique Holiday Cards

Unique Holiday CardsWant to send unique holiday cards that stand apart and convey memorable, meaningful messages to our loved ones? LookLoveSend’s holiday card collection contains a huge selection of highly original designs from real artists who bring to bear many talents in art skills including painting, ceramics, illustration and more. You’ll find fresh color combinations and fun, energetic holiday patterns that evoke the charm and joy of the season.

Best of all, our holiday collection consists of personalized holiday cards that come in a variety of layouts to accommodate your choice of personal photos and text. You’ll find layouts for a single photo, layouts for multiple photos, and designs that don’t require a photo. The choice is yours, but you can always personalize your cards with your own message.

Special Design Options to Create Unique Holiday Cards

All of our designs offer special add-on options to personalize your holiday cards further. You can order flat or folded cards, and choose from a selection of coordinating colors or patterns for the backsides of your cards. When you choose a folded card style, you will have more space for writing personal notes. You can also upload additional photo images on the inside of the folded card, or print your annual holiday letter text, if you choose to to include that as part of your holiday card. These additional choices allow you to create a truly unique, personalized card that no one else will have.

We don’t overlook the envelopes as another way to offer you options for creating unique holiday cards. You can order your envelopes with your return address printed on the back side envelope flap. You may also add envelope liners in a selection of colors or patterns that coordinate with your design. Finally, you’ll be able to choose whether your want your cards printed on glossy or matte paper stock. Either choice will result in a premium quality paper that feels substantial in weight and makes your unique holiday cards memorable to everyone on your list.


Graduation Party Announcements

Graduation Party AnnouncementsSending graduation party announcements involves more than simply stating the date, place and name of the grad on a nicely-designed card.  Whereas guests typically know what to expect for a wedding or baby shower, a graduation celebration can vary greatly from a formal black tie reception to a casual backyard barbeque. A good host will always be sure to let guests know what to expect. offers a fresh selection of graduation party announcements, all printed on high quality paper stock that is sure to impress your guests.  But as you peruse our great selection of fun celebratory designs, be sure to keep the following helpful tips in mind as you customize your graduation invitation text.

Tips for Graduation Party Announcements

  • Be sure to clarify if guests are invited to the commencement ceremony, graduation party, or both.  Most schools and colleges offer a limited number of ceremony tickets so be sure you are very clear about the event at hand.
  • Make a recommendation about the formality of the event so guests will feel comfortable with their wardrobe choice and not need to ask any follow-up questions.  Some common attire descriptions are: Smart Casual, Casual, Cocktail Dress and Black Tie Optional.
  • If you want guests to be involved in creating something special for the graduate, be sure to include it on the invitation. An example would be to bring a photo if you plan to create a photo album or memory journal for the grad.

Don’t be afraid to make your graduation invitations as unique as the grad himself!  It’s perfectly acceptable to highlight any special accomplishments, sporting achievements or even a celebration of post-graduation plans on the invitation. Choose LookLoveSend to easily customize your graduation party announcements  – we promise full customer satisfaction and all orders ship the next  business day.

Graduation Invitations Online

Graduation Invitations OnlineTo simplify your graduation party planning, order your graduation invitations online, select simple decorations in school colors, stock up on plenty of kid-friendly snacks, and make sure your ipod is loaded with the latest hits.  Your grad will remember the party for years to come if you focus on providing a great party atmosphere and the opportunity to create special memories with school friends.  And as photo memories are so important to the high school grad, try to incorporate photos in all aspects of your party planning.

Select Photo Graduation Invitations Online

Shop the fresh selection of graduation invitations online at LookLoveSend for original designs that can be easily customized. Many designs allow the addition of a personal photo via simple upload and insert functionality.  After upload, photos can be cropped and repositioned within the photo space for perfect alignment, it is also possible to select alternate photo coloring such as black and white or sepia tone instead of color.  When customizing the text for your graduation invitations, it is easy to relay any special instructions to the dedicated LookLoveSend customer service team during the order entry process.  All orders for your graduation invitations online are reviewed prior to printing and customer satisfaction is always fully guaranteed.

Personalize your Party Entertainment

Asking guests to bring a personal item or allowing them to bring home a memory keepsake will add interest to the party. Ask guests to bring photos to the party and assemble a memory album for the guest of honor.  Another option for a close-knit group of classmates is to ask each to bring an item that represents their high school years together – a team trophy, a play program, a school newspaper – place these items in a box for safe keeping until their ten year reunion.  A final idea for is to each guest a white t-shirt and provide them with permanent markers so they can sign each other’s shirts as a keepsake.

Adding photos to your graduation party planning is sure to add an element of personalized fun for all.  But don’t forget your own camera to catch the joyful event.