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Rules of the Wedding Hat

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Special occasion hat by Condici women’s collection

Who knew an article of clothing had so many rules?  Thinking back to THE wedding of 2011 (the royal wedding) I’m guessing that one of the top 3 memories of that day remains the hats – especially with American audiences for whom hat-wearing is not a wedding must.  The team at LookLoveSend has already professed its love of the fascinator headpiece, but we’re also intrigued by the traditional wedding hat worn by the Mother of the Bride, the Mother of the Groom, and female guests at British weddings. 

First of all, it is important to know that there are different hat rules for men and women.  This is probably due to the very differing styles of men’s and women’s hats; men’s hats are easily removed but women’s hats are often more highly decorated and can be more challenging to remove, especially if secured by hat pins (think bobby pins for hats).

Male guests may wear a top hat for a formal wedding, but tradition requires them to remove their hat and handcarry it when entering a church.  Female guests, on the other hand, keep their hat on while in the church and the accepted rule is not to take it off until the Mother of the Bride removes hers. 

Another minor point of note is that if you choose to add something to the hatband (such as a flower or symbolic pin) it should be on the left side of a man’s hat but the right side for a woman. 

It is unlikely that the British custom of hats at weddings will spread to the U.S., but if you’re ever invited to a wedding in the U.K., consider yourselves primed about the rules of the wedding hat. If you are getting married and love the formality of British weddings, consider the formal and monogrammed wedding invitation styles available at  All invitations are printed on superior quality paper stock with a premium matte or glossy finish.