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Make Bridesmaid Dress Shopping a Breeze

Are you getting married and need to coordinate the dress selection and ordering process for your bridesmaids?

Are your bridesmaids as busy as you, or maybe even living far away?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to both questions, we recommend you checkout the Weddington Way website  to eliminate endless appointments, facilitate selection and coordinate the ordering process.  Here’s how it works in a nutshell.

wedding invitations


  • Bride signs up on the site and starts creating a page of bridesmaid dresses she likes.  The site features hundreds of designs searchable by style, fabric, length, price range or other criteria.
  • Bride adds her bridesmaids to the site and they receive an email invitation fromWeddington Wayto browse her selected dresses.
  • Bridesmaids and bride can all view the dress selections, compare them side by side and rank them by preference.
  • After the final selection has been made, dresses may be ordered on the site and the status of each order will be tracked online.

Weddington Way offers comprehensive sizing charts, some of which are customized by dress designer.  Many dresses are available in up to 20 dress colors and the broadest range of size options.

Weddington Way is a godsend for any bridesmaid who has dealt with numerous dress shop visits, coordinating with several girls, and sometimes facing a limited inventory selection.  The site is free to join, easy to use, and offers an efficient yet fun virtual environment to “shop” for dresses with the girls.

Can you suggest any other websites that have made your wedding planning process easier or more enjoyable?  If so, please add a comment, we’d love to see your suggestions.

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Plan a Holiday Cookie Swap Party

holiday-party-invitationsHave you ever received a holiday party invitation to or considered hosting a cookie swap? Also known as the Cookie Exchange, this is a fun and easy party to host with neighbors, friends or kids. It makes a great excuse to put your newly decorated home to use without spending a whole lot. Plus, you get something in return–dozens of different kinds of cookies you didn’t bake yourself!

Ladies Cookie Exchange

Do it up with the adult ladies version of this party, complete with hors d’oeuvres and adult beverages. Take some cues from a pair of gals who have hosted successful cookie exchanges for nearly 20 years in this great cookie exchange how-to website. A few of their most notable pointers to do this party right include:

  • Adjust the required cookie count accordingly to the number of guests (this group ranges from 12-20 and each is asked to bake and bring 6 dozen cookies)
  • Instruct guests to bake at least 3 days in advance so cookies aren’t too fresh and crumbly
  • Encourage the non-bakers to do their best and come–they’ll benefit the most!
  • Send out extra invitations in anticipation of no shows–it’s a busy time of year

Tips & Ideas:

  • Exempt the hostess from baking in lieu of organizing and hosting the party
  • Include some links to easy cookie recipes in your party invitations for the baking-challenged
  • Ask guests to bring an appetizer, although this can be a lot to ask, especially considering how busy everyone is.
  • Decorate take-home cookie trays or tins. Most swaps seem to rely on guests bringing their own tins, but it’s also a good idea to have extra on hand.

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Reap the Benefits of a Holiday-Inspired Wedding

holiday-wedding-invitationsThe glitter and sparkle of the holiday season often entice couples to plan their wedding day for this time of year. If you’re one open to considering sending holiday wedding invitations in the midst of holiday hoopla, you join good company to take advantage of some unique wedding planning details.

There are a variety of great reasons to consider a holiday wedding, whether just in terms of timing or theme:

  • Families and friends will be gathered already! Planning for holiday gatherings occur several weeks to months out, and most people accept the fact that they will need to budget for travel expenses to make these gatherings happen. You need to be strategic in getting in on those plans before plans are made, so be sure to send save the date cards to everyone.
  • Popular venues may have more open dates. Unless you are planning a destination wedding to a tropical location, which is an ideal time to do so, many of the places so sought after during the height of the wedding season (late sprint, summer and early fall) open up with more choices. You may  not have to plan two years out after all or take the dreaded Friday evening slot after all!
  • Holiday decor already in place may save your some costs. Most churches and many event facilities decorate for the holidays to host a variety of events, at their own cost. From holiday flower displays, oversized wreaths, lit Christmas trees and hanging garland, you may find the need to just plan table centerpieces and a few other touches, saving you on your flower and decorating budget.

If you are planning a holiday-timed wedding a year from now, you can enjoy the benefits of the holiday without all the holiday-themed fuss, particularly if you or your spouse don’t observe Christmas yourselves, or you expect guests who do not share the tradition either. Instead, think winter wedding–they are a wonderful starting point for a theme that captures the romance and drama of the season without mistletoe and elves.

Find your perfect winter-themed wedding invitations at, and remember especially to send save the date cards to everyone on the list so they can plan accordingly during this busy season. If your wedding date will be in 2012, join the Wedding Invitation Suite sweepstakes for the chance to win a complete wedding invitation suite valued up to $1500.



Don’t let your Holiday Party get Cake Wrecked

Have you sent out holiday party invitations and are now turning your thoughts to decorating, music and menus?  If so, you’re in good company – those precious first three weekends in December are prime party dates.  And while we toil over our appetizers, snacks and holiday beverages, ordering a professionally baked cake is always a popular option for the holiday dessert table. 

But before you place that bakery order, checkout some classic ‘cake wrecks’ courtesy of blogger Jen Yates at or in her new book “Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong.”  You’ll be sure to smile, shake your head, and be VERY CLEAR when repeating your next cake order to your baker!  Here are three of our favorite cake wrecks.

First is the “cake that started it all”.  The request was “Best Wishes Suzanne” - and underneath that - “We will miss you”.  Ha! Ha! 

holiday party invitations 

Another funny one…the request to have sprinkles as cake decor actually made it into the icing text! 

holiday party invitations

And often it’s not just the text that gets wrecked.  Case in point below, the cake buyer requested a ‘black high heel’ to decorate this 30th birthday cake.  Instead she got a ‘black high hill’.  Enough said. 

holiday party invitations

So be warned and be  very careful when ordering your holiday party cake.  And if you’re still looking for holiday party invitations, see the fun collection available at  You still have time – orders ship the next business day and quantities over 50 ship free.



Tips for Creating Holiday Tablescapes

Will you be sending out holiday party invitations or hosting an intimate gathering this holiday season? If so, start gathering ideas and objects to inspire the tablescape. Tablescape? Yes, a fancy word thrown around the pages of home decorator magazines and design blogs, begs the question: what exactly is a Tablescape?

holiday-party-invitationsA tablescape isn’t just “everything you put on the table.” But it is more than a single centerpiece. A tablescape connotes is an intentional collection of items arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way. The other inferred meaning is that a tablescape utilizes things we already have, rather than a newly purchased or commissioned arrangement. Tablescapes are not exclusive to dining room tables where a group will gather to sit and eat either. Use the concept to dress up a buffet table, a coffee table, or any other table serving refreshments or snacks to create a memorable atmosphere.

In a post on  Balancing Beauty & Bedlam, blogger and author notes that creating a tablescape is an outlet for “intentional living.” And creating a true tablescape, she says, gives one the occasion to “shop your home.” Just think through the basics that you have, and consider new ways to arrange them:

  • Collections. These can be your own unique  collections of favorite items (such as random clay pots or china teacups) or items you find in nature that you can easily get (pine cones, autumn leaves, or seashells) or items you wouldn’t necessarily think to use at a table (ornaments,
  • Lighting. One hallmark of many tablescapes is to think beyond the pillar candle or set of candlesticks. Build on those by strategically scattering smaller candles or votives. Another favorite way to amplify your lighting is through the use of mirrors, but not the kind you hang on your walls, but rather place right on the table lying down like a tray beneath your candles.
  • Textures. Tablecloths come to mind, but some of the more original tablescapes skip those entirely and make creative use of runners, napkins, teat towels, or less formal fabrics. Gather a remnant of silk to envelope your centerpiece or toss a piece of burlap diagonally across your table to add texture. Don’t be afraid to include chair backs as part of your creation. Tying ribbon or fabric around the back of chairs can add another dimension.

If have taken opportunity to be purposeful and extra creative this holiday season with your table, and have a picture to share, check out the Tablescape Contest for a $500 Homegoods gift card on Entries are due by November 30th. You can even get more mileage out of your holiday tablescape if it’s worthy of featuring as this year’s annual holiday photo card!

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Buying Pink or Blue Baby Birth Announcements?

Ultrasound inconclusive and want to know if you’ll be shopping for pink or blue baby birth announcements?  Here are some fun and quirky ways that have been said to “predict” the gender of your baby [source: Parenting, By Sasha Emmons]

baby birth announcements

How are you carrying?  This one is fairly well known.  Look at your baby bump – carrying high and it’s a girl, carrying low and it’s a boy.

Fast heartbeat?  Get your doctor to tell you the baby’s heartbeat rate at your next checkup.  Over 140 beats per minute means girl, less indicates boy.

Cravings?  Sweet = girl.  Salty = boy.  Simple as that.

By the numbers: the Mayans predicted baby’s sex by considering the mother’s age at conception and the year of conception.  If both are even or odd, she is carrying a girl.  If one is even and the other’s odd, it’s a boy.

Morning sickness?  Some say that significant morning sickness during the first trimester indicates girl.  Whereas a boy leads to little to no morning sickness.

Pimples?  A poor complexion during pregnancy is said to be due to a girl ‘stealing’ her mother’s beauty.   

The color of Drano?  Huh?  This one is the oddest.  Pee in a cup and add a tablespoon of Drano.  If the color changes to green, it’s a girl.  Blue is a boy.

Nothing scientific about these baby gender predictors, but they can be fun to consider in those months and weeks leading up to baby’s birth.  And once you have your bundle of joy, shop the great selection of baby birth announcements – for both girls and boys – available at



Extra Tips for Birthday Party Invitation Wording

birthday-party-inviteSometimes it’s smart to think beyond the basic birthday party invitation information in order to head off potentially sticky party situations. Most kids party invitations prompt you to write:

WHO the party is for–the birthday child. WHEN the party will occur. Include both date and time. WHERE the party will take place. Provide an address whether the party is in your home or elsewhere. RSVP with your name, phone number and an email address.

But it’s also helpful to anticipate questions or prevent unwanted situations, such as serving a dish some guest is allergic to or having to put up with a younger sibling interrupting the activities. Sometimes you need extra parents and other times you don’t want to be distracted by the need to chat up another adult.

Here are common issues you could anticipate and some suggestions for thoughtful wording on the party invitation to address them:

  • Allergies Depending on how well you know the party guests, it’s a good idea these days to let parents know in general terms that food will be served. You don’t have to be specific, but a concerned parent can at least get in touch with you if there is an allergy concern.
  • Sibling guests If you absolutely do not want additional guests in the form of an invited guest’s siblings, it’s a good idea to say so. A direct statement such as, “Please no siblings,” works as well as a slightly more tactful, “for invited guests only” tagline at the end of the RSVP.
  • Parents staying (or not!) Depending on your needs, you may want to encourage parents to stay to have extra help. If not, and if you don’t want the added expense or pressure of entertaining additional adults, say so specifically by telling parents what time to pick up their child. If you are “encouraging parents to stay,” be ready with refreshments for them too.
  • Money needed Depending on the birthday party theme or venue (restaurant, movies, amusement park, etc.), you may need guests to pitch in on the costs of the party, such as buying tickets or having extra spending money. State those costs on the invitation, and if adults or siblings are welcome, make sure you let them know how much additional guests will cost too.
  • No Gifts More and more party hosts are asking for donations to a special cause in lieu of gifts, so be explicit in the invitation. If you simply don’t want extra stuff, and you have a child mature enough to be on board with this, simply add “No gifts please!” at the bottom.

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Top 10 Most Memorable Toy Crazes

Top 10 Most Memorable Toy Crazes

Top 10 Most Memorable Toy Crazes

It begins with the pomp of sparkly decorations and holiday cards and ends in a scrap heap of torn wrapping paper and mangled toy packaging. You guessed it—the high of holiday anticipation eventually comes to an end.

So too ended some of these most memorable toy crazes—except for one (Mr. Potato Head is still kicking) and the evolution of another (video gaming):

1952-53: Mr. Potato Head enters his 60s with newly acquired movie superstardom as part of the beloved ensemble cast in Disney’s Toy Story trilogy.

1975-76: Pet Rock was something 5 million people actually paid money for.

1975-76: Pong introduced the mind-numbing pleasure of video game addiction, developing into the full-fledged Atari system seen a few years later…

1979-80: Atari kicked off the possibilities of the video console with interchangeable games.

1983-84: Cabbage Patch Kids apparently didn’t grow fast enough at that little hospital in Georgia and started a run on supplies that led to months-long waiting lists.

1991: Nintendo’s Game Boy cut out the TV console and put mobile video gaming right into kids’ hot little hands.

1996: Tickle Me Elmo followed in the footsteps of the Cabbage Patch Doll craze bringing a physical elbow throwing, pushing and shoving shopping atmosphere into stores.

1998-99: Furbies made money for trend-spotting entrepreneurs to peddle them online, perhaps saving us all from being trampled in stores this time.

2006-07: Playstation 3 wowed the world with jaw-dropping visuals and extremely sophisticated games making Atari seem positively stone age.

2009-10: Zhu Zhu Pets equaled Tickle Me Elmo and Playstation selling 10 million units, yet saved parents untold hundreds of dollars for buying the real live rodents.

What Does Santa Have in Store this Season?

  • With 91% of consumers planning on spending either the same or less than in previous years, Santa and his elves will have to look for profits in efficiencies rather than prices.
  • Furthermore, traditional toy spending is up a bit, while video game spending declined by over $1 billion from 2009 to 2010.
  • Santa and his elves will fill more stockings with stuffed toys, building sets and outdoor/sports toys and will see fewer requests for electronics, action figures and puzzles/games.

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Simplify your Thanksgiving Dinner Prep

Just four days until the holiday madness begins.  Black Friday shopping, the first Christmas card arriving in the mail (Auntie Patsy…every year…guaranteed) and time to buckle down with holiday party planning.

And however smooth the holiday planning and gift shopping goes, there is always that minimum of one stressful moment when you’re one gift short or the appetizer batch got burned.  So let’s take a time out, focus on Thanksgiving, and share a few tips to get through this next holiday as easily and stress-free as possible.  So if you’re hosting, here are some of our favorite tips for smoother Thanksgiving dinner prep.

Christmas cards

Simplify veggies.  Cut, slice, dice and peel all vegetables 1-2 days before Thanksgiving then place them in Ziploc bags and stack them flat in the refrigerator.  On Thanksgiving day, simply transfer all veggies to pots and pans, leaving you time to focus on the turkey.

Simplify potatoes.  Potatoes can’t easily be peeled and stored ahead of time, so peel, cook and mash them early in the morning, then put half a cup of milk in the bottom of a crock pot and add the mash.  A few hours before dinner, turn on the crock pot to low and potatoes will come out fluffy and hot. 

Simplify turkey.  Download the $1 TurkeyTimer app to take all the guesswork out of how long to cook the turkey.  Plug in some values and get it started, the timer will even remind you when it’s time to baste the bird.

Simplify the table setting. If possible, set your Thanksgiving table a couple of days ahead of time.  This gives you time to arrange a beautiful table and it’s great to wake up on Thanksgiving morning to see it set and ready to go. 

We hope you find one or all of these tips helpful for your holiday meal.  And when you’re eating those turkey leftovers and shifting your thoughts to the next holiday ahead, do come back to checkout our amazing selection of fresh Christmas cards and fun holiday party invitations.  Happy Thanksgiving from the team at LookLoveSend.



Holiday Thanks for Teacher

Of all the candles, cookies, and ornaments, the gift that teachers often appreciate most is a heartfelt thank you card.  With the annual dilemma of teacher holiday gifts just a few weeks away for many of us, the folks at LookLoveSend decided to research some opinions of teachers and parents on this topic.  Here’s a summary of our findings.

thank you cards

Class gifts versus individual gifts.  Many classrooms with room parents choose to pool money for a larger combined gift from the class.  The benefit of this approach is that teachers will be less likely to receive 20+ candles or mugs (see “NOT to give” list below) and it’s also an opportunity to give a truly nice-to-have combined gift.  However, if contributing to a class gift, do not create a potentially awkward situation by also giving an individual gift.

Personal gifts.  A popular option is to purchase gift certificates for use at a local restaurant, spa or garden center.  For this it is particularly helpful to know if your child’s teacher has any particular hobbies or favorite stores.  Last year my son’s 2nd grade room parent suggested Amazon gift cards and his teacher was extremely pleased to combine those gift cards to buy herself a much-wanted Kindle.

Gifts NOT to give.  When asked what they don’t want to receive.  Teachers said:

    • Mugs…”I can tell you — no teacher needs another coffee mug.
    • ‘Apple for the teacher’ items.
    • Lotions, ornaments and other decorative trinkets…“Many teachers have no room for all the gifts they are given”

Gifts to give.  As previously mentioned, gift cards are a good choice – the $15 – $25 range is a common guideline.  Consumable products such as cookies, candies and other food treats are preferred over gift items in the ‘NOT’ list above.  Either store bought or homemade are fine.

But the best gift of all, hands-down, was said to be a heartfelt thank you card from students or parents.  We read dozens of similar teacher testimonials:

“Some of my most treasured gifts were notes stating ways I made a difference in the lives of my students. I’ve saved some of these for over twenty years.”

“A really nice note that thanks the teacher for their hard work and speaks to what she has done for you child is a wonderful gift.”

If you decide to write a personal thank you to your child’s teacher this holiday season, consider buying a set of distinctive, high quality  thank you cards to convey your special appreciation.  LookLoveSend has a broad selection of designer thank you cards available.  Stock up and order 50 to receive free shipping!