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Photogenic Tips for Birth Announcement Cards


Baby Monostripe from

So you’ve had a c-section, little to no sleep, dropped the daily shower routine and have no idea where to find your makeup, contact lenses or hairdryer. Oh, and might you be still wearing maternity tops to hide the 25+ pounds that didn’t come off when baby came out? And the photographer wants you in the pictures holding your newborn?!

Two words: wear black.

If you have the good fortune of a professional photographer to capture photos of your newborn for your birth announcement cards (and for posterity), be ready to be photographed. You will invariably appear in some shots because it is downright impossible to pose a newborn in more than two positions. Plus, with a good photographer, creative effects and savvy photo editing, you can actually end up looking better than you do in real life.

Here are some of my favorite poses from my own personal photo shoot with my newborn:

In the hands

Low risk of exposure here…clip your nails in lieu of a manicure!

Cradle hold

This is a side profile so tuck in your double chin as best you can!

Over the shoulder

Wear nice earrings. Comb the back of your hair.

Baby front-hold

Presumably from the neck down (or edited that way), this is where wearing black really helps!

Choose the Right Photo Birth Announcement Design

You will find a wonderful array of baby photo birth announcement cards at for your favorite photo. Many birth announcement designs feature multiple photos if you can’t decide on just one. All announcements are printed on your choice of a premium weight glossy or matte paper stock, and shipping is free when you order more than 50 cards.