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Setting the Perfect Newlywed Table

If you’ve received a wedding shower invitation and want to give the bride something she’ll have forever and maybe pass down to her own daughter, consider buying a formal place setting if she has registered for a pattern.  Married couples will have many opportunities for formal dinner hosting over the years – from sit-down dinners with friends to big family gatherings during the holidays.  Picking a china pattern is the most straightforward part; some of our favorites are included below.  But putting together a formal dinner table can be more daunting for newlywed hosts, so read on for some simple tips to set the perfect dinner table.

'June Lane Gold' by Kate Spade

  • Always use a good quality tablecloth, it should hang about 1 ½ feet over the table edge.  Then place a runner over the tablecloth and add flower arrangements, candles or seasonal decorations to personalize your table.
  • Dinner plates should be placed at the center of each place setting, salad or bread plates should be placed slightly above and to the left of the dinner plate.
  • Silverware should be laid from the outside of the plate moving inwards.  On the left, the salad fork is placed farthest from the plate, then the fish fork and then the dinner fork.  On the immediate right will be the dinner knife (all knife blades on the table face inwards) then the soup spoon.

'Cristobal Chocolate' by Raynaud

  • The dessert fork and spoon are placed above the dinner plate in a horizontal position.
  • The coffee cup is placed to the right of the dinner plate, just next to it.
  • The glasses are kept on the right hand side of the dinner plate, above the coffee cup.  Order the glasses as follows moving from left to right: water glass, red wine glass, white wine glass and then champagne glass.
  • Fold cloth napkins into rectangles and place them either underneath the forks or on top of each dinner plate.

'Chirp' by Lenox

Mastering these table setting basics should give any newlywed couple the confidence to host a fantastic dinner party.  So give that couple a headstart by adding to their china settings.  And if you’re hosting the bridal shower, shop the fantastic selection of wedding shower invitations at  Our fresh designs are printed on high quality paper stock and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.