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Wedding Invitation Rules You Can Break

Wedding planning involves so many so-called rules; who pays for what, what happens when, and who does what. But when it comes to wedding invitations, there are several ‘rules’ that can be broken in the interest of time and cost savings.

You must allow single guests to bring a guest

If you have a single guest who has been dating someone for a long time, it’s courteous to also invite that significant other, but there is no absolute rule that you have to automatically invite ‘and guest’.  If budget is a concern, save your headcount for those who are closest and dearest to you and your fiancé.

You must include a response card

Couples are often creating wedding websites or social media pages dedicated to all things wedding.  Using these sites to track guest responses is perfectly acceptable, but in these cases it’s advisable to still use response cards for the ease of guests who may not be tech-savvy.  Order 150 wedding invitations but just 40 of the matching response cards – problem solved.

You must include an inner envelope

Formerly a must-have, the inner envelope is no longer required except for the most formal of wedding celebrations. Let the great quality and stunning design of your invitation amaze your guests and they likely won’t even remember if you had an inner envelope or not.

You must invite all couples whose weddings you have attended

If you and your fiancé attended a friend’s wedding several years ago but have budget constraints for your own nuptials, don’t feel badly about not inviting that couple to your event.  Good friends will understand the challenges of wedding planning and be just as happy to join you for a more intimate dinner party or get-together after your honeymoon.  Chances are they’ll easily remember and relate to the wedding planning challenges you face.

You must give top billing to those who pay for the wedding

Traditional etiquette states that the people who are hosting (a.k.a. paying for) the wedding should be listed at the top of the wedding invitation.  But with 64% of couples today covering most or all of their wedding costs, most of these couples still choose to honor their parents by listing them on the invitation.  It is perfectly acceptable to give respect to anyone you choose on your wedding invitation.

Garden Party

'Garden Party' by designer Genevieve Gail

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