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Bridesmaids by the Numbers


Bridesmaids by the Numbers

Wedding tradition stands strong when it comes to bridesmaids. Of the 11 million bridesmaids in action each year, brides still like having this entourage to help her stand out.

  • Brides today have an average of 5 bridesmaids surrounding her, and…
  • 64% of bridesmaids wear identical dresses!
  • Only 7% of brides have updated the notion of a bride’s “maid” and use the term “best woman.”
  • The average age of a junior bridesmaid is 9-14 years old.

What’s probably changed the most is the cost of being a bridesmaid. There’s no getting around it—it’s an expensive honor. The total average cost a bridesmaid is likely to incur, from the time she is asked and accepts through the wedding day itself, is a whopping $1,695. Here’s a list of the most common expenditures modern bridesmaids face:

  • Travel – $900 (split between shower, bachelorette and wedding)
  • Gifts – $200 (engagement, shower, wedding)
  • Apparel & personal care – $485 (dress, shoes, alterations, hair, makeup, etc.)
  • Other contributions – $110

Another steadfast tradition that holds is the Maid of Honor. She appears in 91% of weddings, and clearly still has an important job to do. Her responsibilities come down to three main things:

  • The Bridal/Wedding Shower. In addition to planning and organizing the event, the Maid of Honor needs to make sure everyone knows where the bride and groom are registered. The best way to do this is to include registry information right on the wedding shower invitations.
  • Shopping. If possibly, she is likely to accompany the bride on her wedding gown adventures. She’ll need to be ready with constructive advice and extra enthusiasm.
  • The Toast. Less a tradition and more a contemporary trend, Maids of Honor are welcome to toast the bride and groom. Some choose to do this at the rehearsal dinner instead of the wedding reception, but it’s up to both the bride and her MOH to decide.

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