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5 Practical-with-Purpose Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Experienced moms and expecting moms may tell you, some of the best baby gifts aren’t bibs, booties, bags, burp clothes or boppies. While we don’t besmirch the layette for a first-time mom, some of the best gifts are unexpected, less glamorous items that get used time and again.

Whether or not you’re holding a shower invitation in hand, next time you’re shopping for a baby gift,  here are extra special gift ideas that may not appear on a typical baby shower registry:


Sea Babies Musical Mobile on

Crib Mobile

The movement, music and colors of a hanging baby mobile can both stimulate and soothe baby. The calming effect comes in handy on either side of naps (going down or waking up) and for those extra stubborn changing table wrestlers (ever tried to change a writhing, hungry, cranky little protester?)

Wipes Warmer

These are a luxury item for baby. Don’t let a mom with a wintertime newborn go without one! Changing diapers will never be quieter and more pleasant than with a warm wipe for baby’s bottom.

White Noise Machine

For babies born into noisy living, whether city streets, a barking pet or older siblings and their friends (or all of these), this machine can keep naps going.


Some of us wouldn’t survive on the Serengetti if we couldn’t master how to use one of these. For the moms that do, they swear by them. Hands- free time is extra valuable, and most babies love the prolonged close contact with mom.

Baby Thank You Notes

Giving mom a set of baby thank you notes is an immediately useful gift, saving her time and effort for something she’ll be needing consistently both before and after baby arrives. If your buying them for her baby shower, shop for thank you notes that coordinate with the shower invitation.

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