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3G’s of a Great Wedding Shower

Sending out wedding shower invitations for a friend or family member? Make planning easy with three Gs that make a shower great: a game, a group gift, and a giveaway! All of these ideas involve guests in a fun way:

GAME: Design a Dress

Using either toilet paper rolls or old newspapers, break guests (including the bride) into multiple design teams. Each team needs to choose a designated bride. The easiest way to organize this is for guests to count off as high as the number of teams your party needs to have. Match up all the ones, twos, threes, etc. and have them move to different areas in the room (or different rooms). From there, they work on their dress, either wrapping their bride in toilet paper or using newspaper, scissors and tape! Keep things moving and fun by not giving too much time for the teams to come up with their dress–10 minutes should be enough for some creative and hilarious outcomes. The real bride can play judge!


GROUP GIFT: Recipe box

Supplement the many useful kitchen gadgets and cookware a couple will receive with a robust recipe collection created by shower guests. An easy way to do this is to include a recipe card in each wedding shower invitation. Guests either bring the card to the shower or send it back as an RSVP. Collect the cards and put into a recipe box, or bind into a booklet like the pretty one we found in Good Housekeeping (pictured at left). If you prefer email, simply print out submissions and place them in laminate sleeves into a three-ring binder that the bride can add to herself over the years.

wedding-shower-invitationsGIVEAWAY: Flower Favors

It’s easy to go with a favor that coordinates with a shower’s theme, but if you’re looking for a special favor that appeals to everyone, try decorative bulbs that guests can plant themselves. A few good choices with regard to cost and portability include hyacinths, tulips, and paper-whites. You can give the bride a distinctive bulb gift especially for her, perhaps using a flower she has chosen for the wedding.

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