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Winter Party Invitations to Fun for All Ages

With the holidays, Superbowl, Valentine’s Day and now Mardi Gras behind us, March is looking a little bleak. Now is a good time to liven things up with party invitations to something just a little bit different. Especially in wintertime, party planning requires some extra invention and innovation. Here are three party ideas for the whole family to try with friends, neighbors or family:

party-invitationThe Fondue Party

Even though the picture on the box has ladies wearing blouses with shoulder pads with bangs bigger than their foreheads, I can’t help but think that my fondue pot is still hip. After all, if my local wine bar is pairing wines with fondues, I should try it too. Decide on some fondue recipes that break away from traditional cheese and chocolate mold and serve fondue for your next party.

Winter Birthday Bash

Celebrating family birthdays in January, February or March? Why not combine them into one celebration with one party invitation and select a weekend that works for everyone. Make the weekend celebration an overnight or just a few hours, depending on proximity, logistics and schedules. Trust us, if you’re birthday falls in any one of those months, it more fun to band together!

Scavenger Hunts

If you have the chance to get to¬† a major city, check out the professional scavenger hunts put on by Watson Adventures. Using the history and beauty of major landmarks, like NYC’s The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Natural History, Grand Central Station, and others, their riddling clues engage “scavengers” from age 7 on up and make a wonderful activity for a mixed group of adults and kids. If the Big Apple or other cities where they operate are out of reach, try to create a hunt in your own neighborhood or local public area or landmark, like a park or community center if you need to be indoors. Check out the DIY hunts at to find one that would work for your party.

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