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Exceptions to Photo Birth Announcements


Elegant Arrival by Sandra Roth

The age of digital photography has made the custom photo birth announcement the standard rather than the exception. It wasn’t so long ago, however, that birth announcements provided just the news of baby’s arrival and the basic facts of name, birth date, time and size stats.

When Is a Photo Not Required in Birth Announcements?

Other than personal preference, there may be specific reasons not to include a photo in your birth announcements:

  • Preemie. If you’ve had your baby early and are spending time in the NICU, both your spirit and baby may not be up for a photo op just yet. There is nothing wrong with getting the word out without a photo–it can wait!
  • Medical issues. Prematurity aside, your baby could have other medical issues that preclude getting the kind of picture you would want. If  your baby is needing extra care, and there are outward signs of your baby’s struggles, that may not be something you want to share with a photograph until things are better for both of you.
  • Technology hang-ups. Let’s face it, sometimes our computers and photo gadgets aren’t humming along and we just can’t make it happen. Don’t let problems with technology keep you from getting a great-looking birth announcement out to friends and family who will be excited to hear the news and get basic information quickly. They will be just as excited to get that announcement without a photo.

Today, you still have the option to skip the photo. You can find as many stylish non-photo birth announcement designs as ones that include one. Here are two great examples (one for a girl, one for either gender), available from LookLoveSend:


Baby Dots by Sarah Trainor


Baby Border by Sandra Roth