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Birth Announcements Do Double Duty

Even without a formal baby shower, expecting moms expect gifts during the weeks after baby arrives. Family and friends send gifts upon hearing the happy news, without waiting for the formality of a birth announcement.


Heart and Stripes by Alison Slippey

It may feel backwards, but if you’re getting your act together to order your baby’s birth announcement cards, take a tally of the gifts you’ve received thus far. Make sure those same gift givers are also on your birth announcement list. This may mean you have to order more announcements than you had anticipated, but you can put these extra cards on double duty as thank you notes.

If the timing is right and you haven’t already mailed thank you notes for your gifts, set aside some birth announcement cards. Get your big batch of announcements addressed and stamped, then turn to a stack of announcements for gift givers, and jot a brief note of thanks for the gift right on the back.

Options for Birth Announcement Cards that Double as Thank You Notes

If you anticipate using some of your birth announcement cards as thank you notes, consider the style of card when ordering.

  • Flat announcement cards work great as long as you leave the backside of the card blank–don’t add any pattern or additional photos.
  • Folded cards looks less like a typical announcement, but have more space for writing.

Or, divide your order into two styles, ordering some flat and some folded cards, but keeping the same design, photo and wording on the front.

Stock up on Baby Thank You Notes Too

Gifts will likely continue to trickle in during the weeks and months after you mail announcements. Baby’s first birthday won’t be far behind, so be ready with a set of thank you note cards. Friends and family will instantly recognize who the card is from if you order baby thank you notes that coordinate with the design of your birth announcement cards.

You can find a wide selection of baby birth announcement cards with coordinating thank you notes at Many designs are available in both flat and folded card styles, and come in your choice of glossy or matte papers. When you order 50 or more, shipping is free!