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5 Practical-with-Purpose Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Experienced moms and expecting moms may tell you, some of the best baby gifts aren’t bibs, booties, bags, burp clothes or boppies. While we don’t besmirch the layette for a first-time mom, some of the best gifts are unexpected, less glamorous items that get used time and again.

Whether or not you’re holding a shower invitation in hand, next time you’re shopping for a baby gift,  here are extra special gift ideas that may not appear on a typical baby shower registry:


Sea Babies Musical Mobile on

Crib Mobile

The movement, music and colors of a hanging baby mobile can both stimulate and soothe baby. The calming effect comes in handy on either side of naps (going down or waking up) and for those extra stubborn changing table wrestlers (ever tried to change a writhing, hungry, cranky little protester?)

Wipes Warmer

These are a luxury item for baby. Don’t let a mom with a wintertime newborn go without one! Changing diapers will never be quieter and more pleasant than with a warm wipe for baby’s bottom.

White Noise Machine

For babies born into noisy living, whether city streets, a barking pet or older siblings and their friends (or all of these), this machine can keep naps going.


Some of us wouldn’t survive on the Serengetti if we couldn’t master how to use one of these. For the moms that do, they swear by them. Hands- free time is extra valuable, and most babies love the prolonged close contact with mom.

Baby Thank You Notes

Giving mom a set of baby thank you notes is an immediately useful gift, saving her time and effort for something she’ll be needing consistently both before and after baby arrives. If your buying them for her baby shower, shop for thank you notes that coordinate with the shower invitation.

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From Splash to Statement–Memorable Wedding Ideas

Recent blogs about ongoing trends in splashy wedding shoes got us thinking, what are some great ways to make a memorable statement at your wedding?

wedding-programShoes…to delight yourself!

So we definitely like this one. Choosing a colorful or funky shoe is fun, frivolous and non-threatening way to divert from tradition. Wedding blogs everywhere are showing shoes in all colors and styles, and as our post about putting shoes before invitations shows, even fans of comfort have lots of options to choose from!

wedding-programFavors…to delight your guests!

You have endless ways to make a splash with great wedding favors. Forgo more traditional favors like almonds and make a donation to meaningful cause. Or offer something useful that memorializes your wedding, like these glass photo coasters (right).

Foodie Bars…to delight everyone!

We’re fans of these at LookLoveSend. From color-coordinated candy bars to seasonally or regionally-inspired wedding bars that run the gamut from cheeses to seafood to chocolate, a beautifully arranged bar can be a decadent way to make your day more memorable.

Wedding Programs that Delight

For meaningful ways to make a statement at your wedding, add extra personal touches to your wedding program. Ideas for creating a keepsake wedding program could include:

  • Reprinting text from a special reading
  • Acknowledging where guests  in attendance have traveled from
  • Describing how wedding party attendants know the bride and groom
  • Writing a special note of thanks to loved ones who’ve passed on

You’ll find gorgeous wedding program designs at Customize a program beautiful enough to stand alone, or coordinate it with other wedding invitation components. Many designs offer space for a personal photo or monogram. Shipping is free when you order 50 or more! Also, don’t forget to sign up for our free monthly sweepstakes for a chance to win $500 of wedding stationery for your special day.



A Cake for the Groom

Have you ever attended a wedding or rehearsal dinner that featured a groom’s cake?  I haven’t but am guessing that many in the South would say otherwise.  And for how many does the idea of a groom’s cake conjure up the image of that horrendous bleeding red velvet armadillo on a plate in the ‘Steel Magnolias’ movie?  So just how long has the groom’s cake been around, and how  prevalent is this wedding tradition?  Read on for the basics of the groom’s cake.

traditional wedding invitationsThe groom’s cake originated in England in the Victorian era when, in addition to the main wedding cake, there was also a groom’s cake and a smaller bride’s cake.  At end of the wedding these two cakes were sliced and served to the groomsmen and bridesmaids.  During these early days, the groom’s cake was a traditional fruitcake but in the 18th Century the introduction of processed flour and baking soda brought the wedding cake as we know it today.

Today, groom’s cakes are usually made of dark chocolate and often contain fruit or liqueur.  Not surprisingly, cake decorations are often reminiscent of the groom’s favorite team, sport or other chosen activity.   Indeed, many brides embrace the idea of a groom’s cake to specifically give the groom – and his interests – a special place in a celebration this is traditionally focused on the bride.

Some will serve the groom’s cake at the rehearsal dinner, others at the wedding itself as a wedding cake alternative.  Another tradition is to box up cake slices before the wedding and to present it to the unmarried women at the reception.  The associated myth is that if an unmarried woman sleeps with a slice of groom’s cake under her pillow, she will dream of her future husband.

If you are getting married and planning a traditional wedding, consider adding a groom’s cake to your selection of sweet treats.  And for spectacular wedding invitations – whether traditional, modern or vintage in style, checkout the diverse selection at  Sign up for our free monthly sweepstakes for a chance to win $500 of wedding stationery for your special day.




What to do with the Dress?

You’ve lovingly picked, fitted and worn your dream wedding dress, but what to do with your gown after your big day?  Here are several options of what to do with this most special of dresses.

wedding thank you cards

Lasara by Watters

Preserve the Dress

Get your dress professionally cleaned and preserved to protect it from discoloration.  Some traditional dry cleaners offer this service or use a company such as   The service offered by such dress preservation companies is comprehensive and hassle-free – most will provide shipping materials for you to mail your dress, then they will professionally dry clean the gown, make any necessary repairs and package it in a sealed windowed display box.

Reinvent the Dress

Wear your dress again by shortening the skirt and/or dyeing it a great new color.  Alternately, give it another meaningful use such as sewing some satin from the dress onto the border of a baby blanket.

Donate the Dress

Give back to your community or an organization of your choice by donating your dress.  With its ‘Nationwide Tour of Gowns’ hosts 32 shows across the U.S. each year which allow visitors to buy significantly discounted wedding gowns.  Gowns are either donated by brides themselves or provided directly by designers, manufacturers and bridal shops.  Proceeds from these events are directed to support and educational programs for cancer patients and their families.  All wedding donations are tax deductible, so remember to ask for a receipt!

Consign the Dress

As you start your married life, it may be that some extra cash may be most welcome to handle post-wedding bills or savings towards a new home.  If this is the case, an option you may consider is bringing your gown to a specialized consignment shop.  The dress must be cleaned before selling, but many consignment stores offer discounted cleaning services and a previously-agreed minimum selling price which certainly makes the process easier and stress-free for the newlywed.

Photograph the Dress (one more time…)

Perhaps you were so caught up in the activity of your wedding day that you didn’t get enough shots of you in your beautiful gown.  Maybe your day had such wet or humid weather that you couldn’t capture the outdoor shots you had really wanted.  Many couples are booking post-wedding shoots as an opportunity to capture those stunning photos in a more relaxed setting or with a specific background that couldn’t be accommodated on your wedding day.

Whether you decide to preserve, reinvent, donate, or consign your wedding dress, be sure that you have some great photographs to remember this special gown.  A photo of the married couple is always a great touch for your wedding thank you cards. Checkout the fresh collection of wedding thank you cards at, many can be easily customized with a photo  of the newlyweds.   And enjoy free shipping on order quantities over 50!




Photogenic Tips for Birth Announcement Cards


Baby Monostripe from

So you’ve had a c-section, little to no sleep, dropped the daily shower routine and have no idea where to find your makeup, contact lenses or hairdryer. Oh, and might you be still wearing maternity tops to hide the 25+ pounds that didn’t come off when baby came out? And the photographer wants you in the pictures holding your newborn?!

Two words: wear black.

If you have the good fortune of a professional photographer to capture photos of your newborn for your birth announcement cards (and for posterity), be ready to be photographed. You will invariably appear in some shots because it is downright impossible to pose a newborn in more than two positions. Plus, with a good photographer, creative effects and savvy photo editing, you can actually end up looking better than you do in real life.

Here are some of my favorite poses from my own personal photo shoot with my newborn:

In the hands

Low risk of exposure here…clip your nails in lieu of a manicure!

Cradle hold

This is a side profile so tuck in your double chin as best you can!

Over the shoulder

Wear nice earrings. Comb the back of your hair.

Baby front-hold

Presumably from the neck down (or edited that way), this is where wearing black really helps!

Choose the Right Photo Birth Announcement Design

You will find a wonderful array of baby photo birth announcement cards at for your favorite photo. Many birth announcement designs feature multiple photos if you can’t decide on just one. All announcements are printed on your choice of a premium weight glossy or matte paper stock, and shipping is free when you order more than 50 cards.



Slumber Party Stumbles Part II

party-invitationsIt’s common knowledge the Slumber Party is a perennial favorite party idea for kids of a certain age. First-time sleepovers are certainly a rite-of-passage of sorts for kids beginning around age 7. For the parents, hosting a sleepover for the first-time can also be as much of a right of passage!

Be a Prepared Sleepover Host

If your child wants to plan a sleepover, here are some good ideas for you as host to avoid slumber party stumbles. Be prepared before sending out slumber party invitations with these tips:

Homesickness vs. Real Sickness

Most parents will know whether their child could struggle with missing home at the sleepover. Ask them ahead of time at what point would they want a phone call (the first “I want to go home” or wait until tears?). Also make a plan ahead of time–find out the best way to get in touch with parents in the middle of the night. A cell phone next to the bed might be heard better than the home phone line. If real sickness strikes, decide whether you will drive the child home or if the parent wants to pick him or her up.

Musical Beds

Find out where the child will be most comfortable. Not all kids can handle the floor if it’s an indoor camp-out, and some don’t want to share a bed. Be prepared ahead of time with an extra, portable mattress.

Sleepwalkers, Bedwetters & Bad Dreams

Sleepwalking and sleep-talking can be handled easily with soothing talk and maybe a trip to the bathroom to break the spell. But have an extra set of sheets and a towel out and ready if bed wetting is a possibility. Find out from the parent how they handle bad dreams too, because pulling a child into your bed is not a smart option even if that’s how you handle your own child. Offer a glass of water, hold their hand or stroke their head until they fall asleep or tell you they are okay.

Slumber Party Invitations

All of these tips apply to a group sleepover too. If you’re planning to host a sleepover party soon, check out the selection of party invitations available at You can order in quantities as low as 10 and turnaround is fast–your order ships the next business day!



Facebook and Twitter at the Wedding?

We’ve all heard the wedding etiquette rules about who pays, who attends, who sits where, and how soon the thank you cards should be written.  But what about the use of Facebook and Twitter at a wedding?  Today many engaged couples setup wedding websites to announce and share every detail, check registries and attendance lists online, and post regular Facebook updates and tweets about their special day ahead.  Read on for some etiquette rules for today’s tech-savvy couple.

wedding thank you cards

Dana Hanna tweets at the altar

Facebook over-sharing

Anna Post, great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post and spokesperson for the Emily Post Institute cautions “Most of us have more friends on Facebook than we can invite to our wedding, so you need to be a little careful.  In the lead-up to the wedding, always ask yourself before you post if it’s information the masses really need to be in on. (Totally fine: “Just found my dream dress … love at first sight!” Over the line: “To everyone attending the wedding of the decade (ours!), rooms at the inn are booking up fast …”)

Picture posting

Posting candid wedding photos can be a great way for guests to fondly remember a wedding, but many brides are wary of being tagged in an unflattering shot on their special day.  If you’d rather not have your wedding candids posted on Facebook, send a quick email to guests after the wedding thanking them for their attendance and requesting that they post any photos on an alternate site.  Another option would be to add customized text to each place card providing login info for a private photo-sharing page and a polite request not to post photos of the married couple on Facebook.

Using online RSVPs

Some couples are choosing to use their wedding website to track guest responses, but if you’re asking your guests to RSVP online, be sure to include a phone number on your wedding invitation for your less tech-savvy invitees.  Many older guests may not be comfortable using email or responding online, so be sure to offer a traditional feedback method too.

Tweeting your nuptials

If you or your spouse-to-be have been broadcasting your engagement journey on Twitter, you’ll likely want to broadcast tweets from your wedding itself.  But it’s advisable to designate a close friend to tweet on your behalf so you can focus on your ceremony, reception duties and spending time with your guests.  Designate someone who is not in the wedding party and be sure that no broadcasting happens during the wedding ceremony itself.

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Baby Prep for your Pet

Getting ready for baby is a busy time; buying diapers, decorating the nursery, picking out birth announcements and washing onesies.  But if you have a family dog or cat – don’t forget to prep your pet for your new arrival too.  A baby will change the looks, smells, sounds and rules of your household – so best to plan ahead.

baby birth announcementsIf your dog needs to master such basics such as sit, down, and stay, or must be taught not to jump onto your lap or furniture, take the time to teach these behaviors before your new arrival.  If your cat’s litter box room will be converted to the nursery, move the litter box out way before baby comes home.

Take cues from your pet’s behavior, if your dog is not comfortable around new people, invest time at the dog park or bringing your dog along to social occasions where appropriate.

Get your pet used to the unique sounds of baby by purchasing a CD or downloading online recordings of baby sounds.  Use baby powder, shampoo and lotion before baby is born.  And before your newborn comes home, bring a t-shirt the baby has worn home so your pet can get accustomed to the new scent.

Not surprisingly, low energy and social dogs are the most adaptable, whereas both independent and busybody dogs are less adaptable.  Small dogs tend to be more jealous than larger dogs.

Cats usually ignore babies, but they tend to be curious and jump to investigate.  To stop a cat from jumping up on a crib or changing table, cover the outside edges with sticky paper or double-sided tape as cats don’t like sticky surfaces.

The most crucial advice of course is that your baby should never be left unattended with any pet – regardless of how good-natured your animal may be.  And one final tip for parents-to-be considering a new puppy – don’t do it – taking on a new baby and dog at the same time would be like having unexpected twins!

For stylish birth announcements, checkout the fresh collection available at  Many designs can be customized with photos of your newborn – with or without the family pet.




Print vs. Electronic Party Invitations

personalized-party-invitationsIn our digital age, it’s easier than ever to skip personalized party invitations in favor of email. Our green conscience points to the energy costs in the production and delivery of such paper goods, from the printing presses to the mail trucks. Then there’s our own personal costs such as shopping, addressing and paying postage.

But when it comes to planning a party, what’s at stake if you choose email over a printed, personalized invitation? Boasting 25,000 invitations an hour, no one knows the popularity of email invitations than With so many parties being planned out there, when is it better to spend the money and energy on printed invitations? Here’s our take on occasions to choose print over electronic invitations:

When to Choose Printed Invitations Over Electronic

Extra Important Club/Organizational Events

Group gatherings that meet regularly, such as book clubs or athletic groups, use email often where cost is an issue. But for that special year-end party, or an extra important occasion such as honoring someone, mailing print invitations conveys extra importance. Similarly, charities, churches, and other groups with a mission are always cost conscious. But to garner extra attention for special fund raising or other important events, go with a print invitation that gets noticed.

Milestone Birthday Party

Sweet sixteen? Fortieth birthday? Party with a special theme? You might want to communicate extra special birthdays visually with a printed invitation.

Baby or Wedding Shower

Wedding shower or baby shower, this is too special an occasion for an electronic invitation, and too personal to be posted through other social media alone. Definitely order and send printed invitations.


Do we really have to answer this one? You want this one in writing!

Anniversary and Graduation

Like a wedding, a golden anniversary or graduation is one of life’s key milestone celebrations to be remembered. It’s importance deserves a print invitation if you’re planning a party, and gives you a keepsake as well.

Personalize Party Invitations with Photos, Text and More

To find fabulous printed party invitations, visit for a wide selection of designs in a variety of styles. With easy online customization, premium quality papers, and fast turnaround to ship, LookLoveSend will help make your next special party truly unforgettable.



Wedding Thank You Notes for All

Just because you’re not getting married doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fabulous personalized stationery. Whether you’re single or reaching a decade or more of marriage, you should still keep a stock of beautiful note cards. With the holidays behind us, and thank you notes written and mailed (hopefully), now is a good time to restock your supply of personalized thank you notes.

You can find highly original, artistic designs among the lines of wedding invitation stationery available online, and a great place to start is in the wedding collections at Here are two choices of thank you notes designs with fresh colors perfect for spring and summer. Both can be personalized with a name or monogram. These cards also make great gifts for a friend or special family member like a sister or mother:


Zinnia Burst by Simon+Kabuki


Wedding Damask by Genevieve Gail


Orange & Pink Nights by Linda Facci (shown in Blue & Purple color palate)

Don’t be afraid to think further outside the box and personalize a wedding thank you note with a non-wedding photo. This thank you note card (above) shows a wedding couple, but why not replace it and use a photo of your children, yourself, you and your spouse, a special trip you took or beautiful scenery that is meaningful to you. The options are limited only to your imagination!

To find these beautiful thank you note card designs, click on the images or visit the wedding thank you cards in the wedding collection at Other designs for thank you notes are also available for baby showers, birthday parties, and more. Shipping is free when you order more than 50 cards, and orders ship the next business day.